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By Christine Jennings


This is a theme not a holiday


This day will be about building residents and staff as a team. Purpose is to communicate and work together in a creative manner to accomplish each task.)

Team set up – Determine how many teams you will have and how many residents with at least two staff/volunteer members (more if willing). You can either decide you’re the team members by their skill level and which staff members would be best to assist the team in their task, or you can put all the resident’s names in a hat and draw their names for each team. You will need to do the same with the staff/volunteer. The announce doing the Team Set Up the team members. Encourage them to get together elect a name for their team and give it to you before the next activity.

1st Team challenge-Balloon tower

  • Items needed for you: timer or stopwatch and tape measure. Items needed for the team task:  30 uninflated balloons, 2 rolls clear tapes.
  • Task instruction: The team will work together to build the largest free-standing balloon tower with all the balloons they have within the time frame. The team with the tallest tower wins the first challenge and should receive a Team Star to wear. (You can make fabric stars or you can purchase sticky back stars to wear or you can use metals you purchase in the party section at any party store.
  • Your task: You are to start the team with your stopwatch or timer. You must the teams how long they have to complete the task. It can be 15 or 20 minutes. If you think it would be easier for your residents and to save time have all the balloons blown, but not with helium because you do not want them to float. Blow them up the old fashion way…lung air. Once you have started the team take pictures of the team working together. Once the timer has rang then stop the team and measure the balloon towers. Make sure you record the measurement, and then announce the winner of the task by passing out the stars/metals. Make sure to congratulate them and encourage them to pull together for the next team challenge. The team with the most stars at the end of the day will receive a special prize, like a small trophy for each team member. You can also purchase them at the party store.

2nd Team Challenge Egg Drop

Items needed for task: Eggs, 4 straws, masking tape and any other material you have on hand that you think will work to make a package to secure the egg from breaking when it is dropped. Time 30 minutes to build the package and 15 minutes for the drop and remember to clean up afterwards.

  • Team instructions: The team must work together to build an egg package to save their egg from breaking when it is dropped.
  • Your task: Provide all the materials for each team, give clear instructions and time the challenge.
  • Egg drop finally: Once the time is up instruct the teams to move to the appointed area for the egg drop test. This area must be somewhere high enough to drop the eggs in their package one at a time. The egg that has the least amount of damage wins the challenge. Give out stars/metals to the winning team.  Recommended the drop zone should be at least 7 feet high if not higher. You may want to put down a large plastic table cloth to make the clean up easier since the eggs will not be boiled, but raw.

3rd Team ChallengeBlind Walk

  • Items needed for task: Any items to create an obstacle course, such as tables, stairs, chairs, etc. The purpose is to build trust between team members.
  • Team Instructions: The teams will divide members up in pairs of two. One person is blind folded and the other person leads. The lead person must guide the blindfold person from one end of the hall to the other while avoiding the obstacles. Once on the other side the next team members are ready to do the same. The first team to get all their members to the other side wins the task.
  • Your task: Set up obstacle course. Give teams instructions on task. Have blindfolds ready for the members that will be using them. The person being blindfolded needs to have blindfolds on before they go into the obstacle course area. This prevents them from see what they have to do and will not allow them to put their trust in their partner for this task. You can make this as simple or as hard depending on your residents’ skill and functioning level. Make sure to give the winning team their stars or medals.

4th Team Challenge Relay chair race

  • It’s like a relay race where you carry the scroll and pass it on to the next team mate until the last member crosses the finish line, except you are in chairs and the finish line is the last person. Set up chairs for each team and have enough for each team member.  Each group of chairs should have the chairs set up in two rows with the back of the chairs together. This is so you will have equal number of group members on each side.  You will also need a scroll or a stick with the team name painted on it.
  • Team task - Have all players sit down in their groups and give the first person or leader the scroll/stick. The object of the game is to have each team member pass the scroll/stick to the person behind them as fast as they can until the last person has it and can either stand or yell STOP.
  • Your task – Have a stop watch to record time of the first team that yelled stop. You cannot allow any team members to throw or pass the scroll/stick in front or side to side, it must be over head or over the shoulder. Team members cannot look behind to see where the scroll/stick is. If they drop it then you might want to have them start all over again if you think the game will be over with too quickly. You can do this three or more times and the team with the highest score wins the challenge.

5th Team Challenge Quote scrabble

  • Pick a famous quote and print out each word on poster paper so each team will have a set of the words that will make up the quote when put together. Mix up all the words and stack on a table for each team.
  • Team task – Using the words on their table put together the words to form the famous quote. All words are in the quote, so all words must be used. The first team to complete the quote correctly is the winner.
  • Your task – Have tables set up for teams, print words from a famous quote on poster paper and place a set on each table. You can give a hint to start the timing and if you see the teams are having a hard time you can give them a hint every few minutes until they guess and put the words in correct order.


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