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Oracle, Intuitive, and Energy Readings

Free Oracle Readings
I often provide free Oracle Readings on You Tube. Not only are there wonderful messages, but also very valuable recommendations, crystal information and inspiration They are great to watch for the information alone! View these readings.

Private Oracle Readings
Want a more personalized reading? Click here to learn more.

Private Intuitive, Energy and Crystal Readings
If you have a picture you'd like for me to "read", whether it is of a person (alive or passed), animal, crystal, a place, etc. I can read the energy and give you feedback as well as spiritual guidance. Click here to learn more.


"No one better to ask then the gifted Kim. Honesty, determination, respect, love, and focus come into each reading. I have had several readings with her and they have been really helpful. It is really worth it and I highly recommend it." Kyle

" The reading was great!!!! I am going to buy one for my friend! Thanks so very much! Debbie




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