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Seniors and Spirituality

Introduction to Religion and Spirituality
This 60 minute in-service is designed to assist the Recreation or Activity Director in providing an overview of Religion and Spirituality as utilized with older adults and elders. This in-service comes with a handout, teacher's outline, certificate of attendance, in-service sign in sheet, flyer to announce the in-service, an interactive exercise, and an in-service evaluation form. Participants will be able to:

*Define religion and spirituality and state the difference.
*State at least 5 benefits of religion and spirituality  programs.
*Name at least 5 religious activities and 5 spiritual activities.

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Check out this great video!

Attitude of Gratitude


For those that work with seniors and individuals with disabilities, check out this wonderful resource! Learn more here.


Worship Services Intervention

This is a great resource designed to help residents with dementia maintain a connection to their past spirituality in order to recall the memories of past faith experiences that evoke a sense of the love of God and their faith community, so that they may be supported to hold on to a spirit of hopefulness and a sense of their own humanity.  Learn More













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