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Cleansing and Retuning Crystals

There are so many ways in which folks cleanse their crystals. Information is passed on from one website to a book, to another website or You Tube videos and so on. I’ve come to realize that it is truly a personal preference how one wishes to rid them themselves, their space, or even crystals, of unwanted energies. I don’t feel there is a right way or wrong way, although some ways can physically damage your beautiful crystal friends.

Sound - My number one favorite method for cleansing crystals is sound. I originally learned this from Hibiscus Moon of the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy. She refers to cleansing as “re-tuning”. It’s like re-tuning a guitar or piano that has been played a lot and got knocked out of balance. This makes total sense to me! Please watch her video to learn more at

Smudging - I personally like to smudge my crystals while I’m playing my crystal singing bowl. My Kimtuition tells me that I am covering various energetic bases. I have no science to back this up or proof, but I just like combining smudging and sound. It works for me!

Salt Soak  - Some crystals do fine soaking in water with sea salt while others can disintegrate or rust. You do not want to soak any mineral or crystal that has a MOHs hardness of under 5, or any that have lead. When in doubt, go without! Sometimes I will simply pour some sea salt over the crystals without using water but I rarely soak my crystals in salt water these days.

Other  - There are many other methods such as sunlight, moonlight, burying in the ground, running water, using other crystals to cleanse, and so on. The bottom line is to do what feels right to you!


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