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Private Intuitive, Energy, and Crystal Readings

Many people write me and ask if I do readings. Well, the answer is yes but the question you seek, may not be what you have answered. It's best if you provide me with a picture and be open to receiving any messages that come forth, without having expectations. To learn about my Oracle readings, please visit here. To learn about other readings, please read below.

What I WILL do

* I WILL read the energy of pictures ranging from a picture of yourself, a deceased person, animals, crystals, or a place.
* Messages may come forth in terms of names, dates, locations, smells, nicknames, images, music, words, etc. The sky is the limit. I never know what will come forth and it is up to you to interpret the message. Most often, what I see, hear, sense, smell, etc. is symbolic but sometimes it is straight forward too.
*I WILL offer spiritual guidance related to the messages that come forth, IF there IS a message.

What I WON'T do

*I will NOT provide readings for children, or for anyone other than the person requesting, unless the individual is deceased. To clarify: I will NOT do a reading on your significant other, or child, or other living person.
*I will NOT read your future.
*I will NOT make up stories or give you typical psychic fluff and stuff. If nothing comes through and I feel I am not making a connection, I will refund your money. Sometimes, we are simply not meant to connect and that's ok.

Other important points to make

* I do this reading when the time feels right, thus it may take a day or as many as ten days to complete.

*I do your reading while meditating alone, thus no skype, google, or telephone.

*Please know that I am not a "fortune teller", nor do I give guidance on past lives, or contact with spirit guides. That just isn't my thing. I do, however, have some serious Kimtuition and the gift of knowing.

*My readings typically are about the here and now. I usually do not go into the past or the future. I focus on your present helping you to deal with current situations. Although, I may tap into other times and lives since the veil is lifting now. It's important to not have expectations and just go with the flow of the reading.

Once payment is made, please send me a picture of what you would like for me to read. Be sure it is a clear picture and if you are requesting a reading for yourself (not a deceased person), please send the most current picture. I will then email you or send a Facebook message with the reading.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Kim Grandal.

If you are ready to go ahead and book a reading, then please use the Pay Pal button below.

Intuitive, Energy, or Crystal Reading
$11 (One picture only)

DISCLAIMER: Please read the disclaimer. By signing up for an Oracle Reading, or any type of crystal healing or coaching, you are agreeing to the terms listed in this disclaimer.

After payment, I will contact you via email to confirm the reading. If you do not get a confirmation from me within 72 hours, please use the contact page to provide a phone number and alternate email address if available.

Just something to keep in mind...

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