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As we all know, the new CMS Activities Guidance to Surveyors went into effect in June 2006. With this new survey process underway, there has been a lot of dialogue amongst Activity Professionals. We can really learn so much from the experiences of others. Please take a few moments to submit a brief summary of your recent state survey. You may remain anonymous, please indicate the state you are from. Click here to share your survey experience.


Please let us know how you did on your last survey.

Click here to share your survey experience.



I did not notice much difference than the previous surveys. Surveyors did ask more questions of residents but also held a group meeting with several "alert" residents. They only wanted alert residents in the meeting. The only issues that came up were minor nursing issues.
Washington (State)
06/30/08 20:12:40 EDT
IP Address: 6322910210

We survived our survey experience and didn't notice much change from what we'd had in the past. For us, we felt the key was using the same RESIDENT INTERVIEW form that the surveyors used as well as the CRITICAL ELEMENT for ACTIVITIES based on the new QIS (Quality Indicator Survey. Kansas is one of the lucky TRIAL states! This can be obtained from the following site: QIS/QIS Manual.pdf If we did identify any problems we were able to address them BEFORE surveyors got there. We gathered all our Elders PRIOR to our survey to let them know the process was changing and that each one would be interviewed individually, rather than in a group, like before. They were very appreciative of this and did not feel threatened/apprehensive during survey time. I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE EVERY ACTIVITY PROFESSIONAL TO GET A COPY OF THIS MANUAL. Good Luck!
03/16/07 22:11:08 EDT
IP Address: 6716317411

We had a hard survey, but we did quite well the survey in Arkansas was tuff. Those surveyors know what they are doing...They worked hard and all I can say is it was one heck of a long week....
12/16/06 00:24:02 EST
IP Address: 70243175201

We didn't do so good!
09/06/06 16:23:11 EDT
IP Address: 20518811674

I thought the survey was a lot harder! The surveyors asked staff from most of the departments what their role is in providing quality of life. One surveyor asked one of my part-timers how she knew what type of activities should be provided. I guess they were looking to see if staff knew what is on the care plans. We did ok, but I was worried!
08/26/06 20:27:46 EDT
IP Address: 20518811674

I haven't noticed much of a difference, except for the fact that the surveyors did spend more time interviewing nursing staff.
08/03/06 15:29:48 EDT
IP Address: 64121166

I recently went through the new survey process. The state really looked at our care plans and if the interventions were being implemented on the units.
New Jersey


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