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re-creative resources - products and services for therapeutic recreation in long term care facilities re-creative resources - products and services for therapeutic recreation in long term care facilities re-creative resources - products and services for therapeutic recreation in long term care facilities


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The following forms and items are free!

All you need to do is register with your Name and Email address, select your products, agree to the terms of use and then download the products to your computer. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for even more free downloads!

Note: If you experience any problems please check out these step by step instructions to help you.



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Check Items you would like:
Things To Do List: (item #M1)
This one-page form will help keep you organized!
One to One Log: (item #D4)
A simple one-page form to monitor your One-to-One visits.
Lending Library List: (item #A1)
A great tool to keep track of all the books and materials you lend to the residents.
Recreation Documentation Tracking Form: (item #D6)
A one-page simple form to make sure you are timely with your required documentation.
List of Activities: (item #A2)
This 5 page document lists over 200 different recreational activities by category. It is a great tool to utilize to ensure a well-balanced calendar!
Individual Education Record: (item # M11)
This one-page form helps you to keep track of the in-services your staff have attended. Each time an employee attends a facility in-service, write it on the form and keep it in the employee's file. You can type in the mandatory in-services and have the employee sign and date this form, when completed.
Entertainment Form (item # A3)
This is a simple way to keep track of your entertainers. It has space to write the entertainers name, phone number, address, specialty/type of music, and more.
Staff Schedule Form (item # M9)
This one-page form accommodates twelve employees. It is easy to use and helps you identify your staffing needs.
Recreation Department Staff Profile (item #M17)
This one page document is an example of how you can analyze your staffing needs.
Activity Calendar Template (item #M18)
This monthly Activity Calendar Template is done in Microsoft publisher on 8 ½ x 11 paper.
Activity Calendar Template (item #M19)
This monthly Activity Calendar Template is done in Microsoft Word on 8 ½ x 14 paper.
Petty Cash Monitoring Tool (item # M20)
This simple one page form will help you monitor how much petty cash is being spent, how and where the money is spent, and reimbursement tracking.

Weekly Recreation Assignment Schedule (item # M21)
This one page form is designed to assign the Activity Staff to certain units/floors for a week at a time so that the Activity Director knows which units are covered and those that are not. It also helps the Activity Staff to prepare for their activities if they know what their assignments are ahead of time.

Recreation Documentation Audit-Short Form (item # D11)
This is a simple form used to determine if Recreation Documentation is performed timely.

Volunteer List (item # V1)
This one page form helps you keep track of your current volunteers.

Equipment Distribution List (item # M22)
This form is designed to monitor the equipment and supplies that are given to various units or Activity Staff.

Equipment Sign-Out Sheet (item # M23)
This is a one-page form that helps monitor the use of activity supplies and equipment

Day Room Activity Planning Form (item # A7)
This form helps the Activity Staff plan for daily activities.

Family RSVP Form (item # A8)
This form is necessary for planning special programs that include family members.

Performance Appraisal Tracking Tool (item # M24)
Having trouble keeping track of Performance Appraisal deadlines? This simple form will help keep the Activity Director up to date on all appraisals.

Resident Special Needs Checklist (item # M25)
This 8 ½ by 14 checklist is designed to assist the Activity Professional in determining programming for residents with special needs such as: residents who are ventilator-dependent, those with oxygen, residents with feeding tubes, etc.

Request for Physician's Order (item # M26)
This is a one page form that is utilized to request a Physician's order to provide Recreation Therapy treatment services. The CTRS simply fills out the form and gives it to Nursing who then gets the order from the Physician.
In-service Sign-In Sheet (item # M27)
This one-page form serves as the in-service participant sign-in record as well as the in-service topic outline. It’s easy to use and demonstrates proof that your employees attended the session along with the topic(s) covered!
Departmental Training/In-Service Tracking Form (item #M28)
This one-page form is a method of tracking the entire department’s attendance at mandatory and additional in-services. At a glance the manager can see who attended what and when and can be altered to meet the individual requirements of your facility.

Community Groups Contact List (item #V2)
This one page form will help you maintain a list of community groups so that you can easily contact them to schedule special events, intergenerational programs and other community activities.

Policy and Procedure Format (# M30)
This format is easy to use and will help you write thorough policies and procedures for your department.

Activity Word Scramble with Clues(# M31)
This word scramble is great for educating staff and residents about the variety of activities you may offer in your facility. Clues are included as well as the answer sheet. Tip: Have residents and staff complete the word scramble, put name on top and enter into a raffle drawing. What a great activity for National Activity Professionals Week!



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