Activity Professionals Do What Seems To Be Impossible For Others

By Dionne Rice

Hello my name is Dionne Rice, and I have been an Activity Professional for over (10) years. When I first started as an Activity Assistant, at St. Paul's Towers of Oakland, Ca. the Program Director who was also my Supervisor, asked me to write a letter to the residents introducing myself to them in their monthly newsletter. This task was very exciting to me because I've always loved to write and journalism was one of my favorite subjects in school. In my introduction letter the one thing that always stands out in my memory was when I said, "my goal is to be an inspiration to you and brighten your days" and whenever I become discouraged I always go back to what I said in that letter and know that whenever I feel insignificant the reality and beauty of it is, "I'm really not!" It seems every job I've had the residents love me, and not because I run a successful activity program, but because I've always shown interest in them as people. As activity professionals we always have the experience of people saying things like, "I don't think that can be done," the most interesting thing about us, "Activity Professionals" is we are able to do what seems to be impossible for others!