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re-creative resources - products and services for therapeutic recreation in long term care facilities re-creative resources - products and services for therapeutic recreation in long term care facilities re-creative resources - products and services for therapeutic recreation in long term care facilities


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Identifying and reducing an individualís barrier(s) to leisure pursuits is one of the most unique responsibilities of activity professionals and recreational therapists and an area of great importance in the revised CMS Activities Guidance to Surveyors. Often times, we have to adapt/alter activities or the situation to make the activities more accessible to people who have limitations in skill due to physical, cognitive or social impairments. There are many benefits to adapting activities which include:


 Decrease barriers to leisure pursuits
Accommodate residents needs and interests
 Teach new skills
Meet the individual needs of residents
Promote quality of life
 Maintain or increase functional status
Decrease learned-helplessness

There are also various ways in which a recreational therapist or activity professional may adapt activities. Such methods include changing the rules of the activity, utilizing cues and prompts, changing the environment, task sequencing, and the utilization of adaptive devices and equipment. The following is a list of adaptive equipment providers that offer products for individuals with various limitations and impairments.

It’s Never 2 Late
The mission of It's Never 2 Late is to link seniors, older adults with disabilities, and caregivers with technology. They have partnered with a variety of technology partners throughout the United States to construct adaptive labs which are customize for the unique needs of your senior living community.

The Duet
The DUET is a colorfully designed wheelchair tandem that combines the latest in cycle technology with advanced wheelchair design. It provides recreational opportunity no other product can provide!

Rockwell Collins Retiree Volunteer Program
RCRV Inc. is an organization of Rockwell Collins Retirees involved in a wide range of volunteer activities in the community. It is intended to benefit both retirees and the community while responding to needs which volunteers can fill. Their website features over 100 designs to make your own adaptive equipment

Achievable Concepts
Adapted recreation and sporting equipment for people with disabilities and the aged


WhisperGLIDE Swing Company
WhisperGLIDE provides adapted indoor/outdoor swings for wheelchairs.

The Low Vision
The Low Vision Store offers adaptive equipment for the visually impaired.

National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
This webpage features a WIDE variety of adaptive equipment for all types of sports and activities.    

Grip Works
As the largest manufacturer of custom hand grips/adaptive handles and foam tubing in the world, Gripworks offers more sizes, styles, and materials than any other manufacturer.   

Dynamic Living
Dynamic Living offers hundreds of kitchen products, bathroom helpers and unique daily living aids that promote a convenient, comfortable and safe environment for people of all ages. Their products are well designed, attractive and provide easy-to-use features. Great for seniors, busy parents and people with arthritis, limited vision or other physical challenges   

Maxi Aids
Maxi Aids offers a variety of adaptive equipment to increase independent living for individuals with a variety of impairments such as blind/low vision, hard of hearing/deaf, mobility, medical health, etc.  .

A Days Work
A Days Work offers a variety of adaptive musical instruments and holding devices.

All Devices
This webpage lists a large variety of resources for individuals with hearing, visual, and/or speech impairments.

Sea Bay
Sea Bay offers a variety of adapted physical games and activities.

American Printing House for the Blind
The APH offers a large selection of large print materials.

Doubleday Large Print Home Library
Doubleday offers a vast selection of large print best sellers, romance, self-help, health, mysteries and more in easy to read books and large print publications.

Library of Congress
The Library of Congress offers Braille and recorded books and magazines for free.

New York Times
The NY Times offers weekly subscriptions in large print

Readers Digest
Readerís Digest offers a large print edition.

National Association for Visually Handicapped
The National Association for the Visually Handicapped is a large print loan library.

John Milton Society for the Blind
The John Milton Society offers free large print resources and Braille

LS&S Group Inc.
LS&S specializes in products for the blind, visually impaired, deaf, and hard of hearing. You will find a great collection of low vision aids, hearing helpers, daily living aids, and products for independence, resources, and information.

Access to Recreation
Access to Recreation offers a large variety adapted recreation equipment such as pool lifts, all-terrain wheelchairs, reading devices, adapted sport equipment, and more.
1-800 634-4351

S&S Worldwide
S & S offers a large variety of adapted crafts, sports, and recreation products.

Bell provides a large variety adapted sports and movement products.

Nasco Activity Therapy
Nasco offers a variety of adapted games and dementia activities.

Flaghouse Special Populations:
Flaghouse has a wide variety of products for seniors and individuals with disabilities including adapted sports and movement products, sensory and Snoezelen, manipulatives, adapted games, and more!

Sportstime Abilitations
Sportstime Abilitations offers a variety of adapted physical games and sports, as well as multi-sensory products.

Personal Mobility Vehicles

Vision Technology
Since 1992, Vision Technology has been a leader in designing and creating vision aids for individuals with macular degeneration, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma among others.

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