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re-creative resources - products and services for therapeutic recreation in long term care facilities re-creative resources - products and services for therapeutic recreation in long term care facilities re-creative resources - products and services for therapeutic recreation in long term care facilities


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MEN'S ACTIVITIES: Additional Resources and Links

Click here to read the article, Don't Be Lost. Read the M.A.P.! Men's Activity Programs in Health-Care Facilities by Kimberly Grandal, CTRS, ACC

Board Games, Table Games and Casino Games

*Board Games: For various types of board games visit

*Board Games for sports:

*Bingo: Regular bingo, sports bingo, hobby bingo, etc.

*Backgammon: Rules of backgammon, play backgammon online

*Card Games:Types of card games and rules

*Casino Games: Board games and VCR casino games from Nasco

*Checkers: Play checkers online

*Chess: Play chess online

*Dominoes: Online dominoes, many types of adapted dominoes

*Horseracing: Horseracing board games, VCR horseracing game, play horseracing online

*Ping Pong: Any table can be turned into a ping pong table, online ping pong

*Pokeno: Pokeno board games

*Puzzles: There are many great adapted puzzles of all sizes for various cognitive levels geared toward men such as trains, cars, tools, etc. Visit Nasco or Sea Bay

*Roulette: Roulette board games, play roulette online

Community Groups and Organizations

*Here are a few links where you may be able to find male volunteers. Click here for more community resources links

*Big Brother sponsors

*Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs

*Y's Men International U.S. Area

*American Legion
*Boy Scouts of America
*Kiwanis International
*4H Club
*Veterans of Foreign War
*National Coalition of Free Men
*Additional Men's Organizations

*Visits from fire station, police station, hardware stores

Community Trips

*Baseball game or other sporting events (local, schools, colleges, state, minor leagues, major leagues, etc.)

*Putting practice or miniature golf


*Concerts and comedy shows

*Museum, zoo, aquarium


*Picnics, parks

*Community clubs and organizations


*Get subscriptions or ask people to bring in recent magazines: Men’s Health, Sports Illustrated, ESPN Magazine, Esquire, Field and Stream etc. There are even magazines about cigars, cars and trucks, farming, beer and more!

*Visit, Inc.

Military and Politics

*Patriotic Posters in American History-1930's

*Military pictures

*Military Pictures, graphics and clip art

*Great free military posters, Uncle Sam, Red Cross, WWI, WWII, Liberty Bonds

*Free pictures of American Presidents

Movies and Videos

*There are many great videos about trains, cars, sports bloopers, WWII wilderness, etc. Visit Nasco at

*Nasco also has movies about cowboys, John Wayne, Groucho Marx, etc.

*Activity Director Catalogue (1-800-772-0447) has videos on classic cars, WWII, Ed Sullivan, cowboys, video fireplace, train rides, route 66, etc.

Special Events


*Comedy Night

*Happy Hour

*Special meals (Men's Breakfast Club, etc.)

*Trophy Day (Have everyone bring in trophies, awards, etc. and put on display or use for discussion)

*Men's Fashion Show or Discussion:

*Men’s Health Week

*Pirate Activities and information


*Adapted Olympic Games

Sports and Hobbies

*Start a sports club. Contact various sports and hobby association for dates, information, etc. Ask for free posters, brochures, pictures, to display and use for discussion activities, decor and displays.

*Airplanes: online flying

airplane crossword puzzle, It's Never 2 Late

*Auto Racing: The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, auto racing board game, online auto racing

*Baseball: Baseball and other sports cards, baseball board games, online baseball, large selection of online baseball word puzzle games , baseball word search

*Baseball Leagues: Major League Baseball, Minor League Baseball

*Basketball: National Basketball Association, adapted basketball, basketball word search

basketball crossword puzzle, online basketball

basketball board game, contact the Harlem Globe Trotters and ask about an exhibition

*Billiards: online pool, Billiards word search

*Boating: crossword, remote controlled boats, boating games

*Bowling: Professional Bowlers Association, online bowling, bowling trips, adapted bowling, table top bowling

*Boxing: World Boxing Association, online boxing, wordsearch, boxing night

*Camping: (indoor and outdoor), word search

camp songs, stories, skits and more , camping crossword puzzle

*Cars: Car shows, remote controlled cars, car puzzles, matchbox car collections, model cars, It's Never 2 Late computer driving game

*Crafts: Leather crafts, woodprojects, tile projects, painting, etc. Visit S&S for products and ideas

Shop S&S Worldwide

*Fishing: online fishing game, fishing trips, fishing board game, fishing word search

*Football: National Football League, online football, word search, football board games

*Golf: Professional Golf Association, online golf, golf board game, adapted golf, miniature golf, golf word search

*Handyman activities: handyman word search crossword puzzle, working with small appliances, building blocks, visit Seabay for latch boards boxes, visit Nasco for activity pillows, plumbers kits, building sets, linking logs, latches and hooks, gears, nuts and bolt activities, puzzles, etc.

*Hiking: Hiking and Backpacking Clubs in the USA,

hiking board games, hiking word search

*Hockey: National Hockey League, online hockey, air hockey, hockey word search, hockey board game

*Hunting: North American Hunting Club, online hunting, hunting word search

*Motorcycles: Motorcycle Club Index, online motorcycle racing game at

*Pin Ball: Adapted pin ball machine, online pin ball games

Soccer: Major League Soccer, online soccer, soccer word search

*Sports: Sports trivia from Nasco, word games, puzzles, discussions, current events, competitions, more crossword puzzles

*Wrestling: World Wrestling Entertainment, crossword puzzle, word search


*There are many online sports casino games, video games, computer games etc. available.

*Computers: It's Never 2 Late

*Video games: Check out Playstation for sports games and others like Army Men World War Land Sea Air

*For more adaptive equipment links visit

Word Games, Discussion, Trivia

*Bi-Folkal Kits have great multi-sensory reminiscing kits for many topics including train rides, automobiles, the Depression, farming,etc.


*Men in History

*Current Events

*Poetry: Men’s Work by Robert Bly

*Pictures enhance reminiscing (please be sure to double-check the terms of use before using any of these)

*Vintage cigarette ads

*Vintage car ads

*Vintage pictures of famous people, magicians and more:

*There are many discussion and trivia materials available on the market.

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