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re-creative resources - products and services for therapeutic recreation in long term care facilities re-creative resources - products and services for therapeutic recreation in long term care facilities re-creative resources - products and services for therapeutic recreation in long term care facilities


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Hands: A Tribute to Activity and Recreation Professionals
Who Enhance the Lives of the Elderly (New, December 2011)

This is a short video in honor of Activity and Recreation Professionals and features pictures of such professionals from around the United States. The song "Hands" is sung by Kim Grandal.


A-Z Tips for Recreation Professionals Who Need a Boost

This movie is based on the article, "Frustrated, Burnt, Angry and Resentful: A-Z Tips for Recreation and Activity Professionals Who Need a Boost, written by Kimberly Grandal CTRS, ACC, Executive Director Re-Creative Resources Inc. Many Activity and Recreation professionals burn out early in their careers. The leisure profession is one that is growing but often times misunderstood, therefore leaving many feeling frustrated, unappreciated, and defeated. Most of you know what I'm talking about! This video will help you, the Recreation and Activity Professionals, to feel inspired and teach you to have more control over your career. View video below.


New Jersey Activity Professionals: In it for LIFE!

This video is in honor of the New Jersey Activity Professionals who work hard to enrich the lives of older adults in a variety of health-care settings.

Activity FUN-damentals: How Therapeutic Activities Benefit the Elderly

This video demonstrates how therapeutic activities can benefit the elderly that are serviced by nursing homes, assisted living facilities, retirement communities and adult day care. Activities, although fun, have therapeutic benefits that are endless. This 4 1/2 minute video focuses on the various physical, cognitive and emotional benefits. This is a great video to use for facility in-services, new employee orientation and leisure education. View this video below!


Activity Professionals in ACTion

This video is in honor of the dedicated Activity Professionals and Activity Directors who enhance the lives of the elderly in nursing homes, adult day care, retirement communities, assisted living and convalescent centers by, providing person-centered therapeutic activities. The video is 4 1/2 minutes long and can be used to motivate Activity staff, promote activities, and provide general information regarding Activity Professionals. View this video below!



Motivating the Motivators: Motivational Quotes for Activity and Recreation Professionals

Motivating the Motivators: Motivational Quotes for Activity and Recreation Professionals, serves as a quick "pick-me-up" for activity and recreation professionals. These dedicated individuals work in long-term care, assisted living, CCRC's, medical day care, rehabilitation facilities, psychiatric facilities, hospitals, and in the community. They are constantly motivating others whether it be the individuals they serve, the staff they work with, management, and others. View this video below.

Leisure and Recreation Quotes

Leisure and Recreation Quotes is a short video of some wonderful quotes related to leisure (free time) and recreation. It demonstrates the importance of having quality time. View the video below.

Resident Rights

The following movie demonstrates many of the residents' rights that are commonly found in long-term care, assisted living facilities and adult day centers. Visit to learn about our Know Your Rights Bingo Game. This game is a fun way of promoting and educating health care professionals and residents about their rights. View this video below.

Employee Training

Providing training is one of the numerous responsibilities of the Recreation Director in a health care facility. Recreation Directors often state that they just do not have the time to train, but the needs and benefits of training are worthy of making an appearance in our monthly planners, and in many cases, a requirement. There are many benefits to training employees. This video gives ideas on how to make employee training more fun.

Adapting Activities

This video is a brief overview of adapting recreational activities for the elderly and people with disabilities.

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