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Our mission is to re-create the mind, body, and spirit.

Spiritual ReSOULutions is a branch of Re-Creative Resources Inc. We offer opportunities for the exploration and growth of one's spiritual journey. This is a great place to find inspiration as well as spiritual and metaphysical products, with an emphasis on crystals. Our on-line crystal store has a variety of beautiful crystals and minerals at affordable prices. We offer crystal coaching to help you make the most out of your crystal collection, as well as resources, and spiritual support.


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Spiritual ReSOULutions by Re-Creative Inc. offers a variety of spiritual services and products with our specialty being crystals. We also provide awesome free resources to help you on your spiritual journey.  Feel free to explore our website and videos. You may also wish to start with our most popular pages.

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A variety of crystal and spiritual videos, articles, tips, tricks, inspiration.


We offer various services to assist you on your spiritual journey.




A variety of crystals and minerals are available in tumbled form, cut and polished, rough, druses, mojo bags (power pouches), crystal kits, points, pendulums, bundle deals and more.


The Crystal Showcases usually feature larger, natural pieces, cut/polished shapes, and specialty items. This is a great opportunity to see the crystals from various views in a video format.






Chakras are energy centers associated with the body. When our chakras are balanced and the energy is freely flowing, we have an overall sense of well-being.


I have a variety of crystal, spiritual, and inspirational videos for you to enjoy. Please subscribe and share these videos with those who may be interested.


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The information stated herein is for the purpose of accessing your own inner resources of healing energy through crystals, spiritual guidance, and readings. Never use crystal healing, any non-traditional complimentary healing method, information from readings or spiritual guidance, in lieu of obtaining professional medical or psychiatric help. If you believe you have a condition requiring a medical or psychiatric treatment, please seek professional treatment immediately. The information and services provided are not to be used to diagnose, heal, or cure.

Re-Creative Resources Inc. is not liable for claims of any nature that may result from information provided herein, or from your failure to obtain professional medical, psychiatric, or other professional help. You accept all risks and responsibilities concerning any actions as a result of using any information or services provided herein.

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