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Let's talk crystal formations and special features in crystals with a focus on Quartz crystals. There are many formations, styles, and special features in crystals such as points, clusters, druzy, druse, geode, phantoms, rainbows, timelinks, record keeper, dolphin crystals, twins, triggers, cathedrals, channelers, and so many more. Below are some popular Quartz formations. The video to the right presents even more formations. Enjoy!


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Activation Quartz - Time Links

Activation Quartz, also called Time Links, are Quartz crystals with a seventh face in which the 7th face is a parallelogram slanted to the left or the right. If slanted to the right, it is referred to as future time link and is believed to hold future info. The past time link is slanted to the left and is said to hold access to the past. These are great for personal meditation and scrying.



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Cathedral Quartz - Lightbrary

Cathedral Quartz, also called Lightbrary, are Quartz crystals in which there is a taller main point surrounded by smaller ones. All points have the same base, like a castle or cathedral (hence its name). They differ from Quartz clusters in that many clusters have points that are not off of the same central base. With the Cathedral (Lightbrary) you see that the points are clearly connected, stemming from the same central location. These crystals are said to help one access the Akashic records, hence the name "Lightbrary". Think of a Lightbrary like a library full of divine energy (light). You can use these crystals in meditation or crystal grids to access the Akashic records and gain knowledge. You can also use these crystals for bringing groups of people together or group meditation. These high vibrational crystals are not only beautiful, but are powerful crystal companions.


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Crystal Channeler

A crystal Channeler is a quartz crystal in which the main face is 7-sided and the opposite face has 3 sides (triangle). The Transmitter crystal has a 7 x 3 x 7 formation. There's a large triangular main front face, with 7 sided faces on either side of the triangle.


The number 7 represents seeking truth and knowledge, while the number 3 represents the concept of the holy trinity, ascended masters, and manifestation.


Both of these formations are said to help you connect with your higher self, angels, guides, divine energies and so on. Basically, they act as a channel and receive information. The 7-3 configuration in a Quartz crystal is a powerful center piece for a crystal grid. My best grids have this exact piece in the center. Smaller channelers are great for meditation. You can aslo place on the heart, 3rd eye, crown or throat chakras. Transmitters may be used in the same manner, especially as the anchor (center) of a crystal grid.


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Cluster and Druze/Druze

Crystal clusters consist of a group of crystal points growing from the same base. A crystal druse/druze is one that has many smaller points growing close together off of the same base. A druse often includes the rock matrix. The term druzy usually refers to a very small crystal coating as stated below. Both are great to put out in your space or in a crystal grid.


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Devic Temple Crystal

A Devic Temple is classified as a crystal that has inclusions that are believed to hold higher Beings. Often times, you will see faeries, angels, or other types of Beings. They truly are magical. Use other crystals such as Angelite, Celestite, Labradorite, or Sodalite to increase communication during meditation. You may also try scrying or remote viewing into the crystal. Here are two pictures of the same crystal. All kinds of devics in this Quartz.


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Dow Crystals - Trans-Channeler

I found this glorious Black Tibetan Quartz while I was re-organizing my personal crystal collection. I was very drawn to looking at it more closely. I haven't worked with TQ in years (used to be one of my favs). At closer look I realized this is a dow formation. A dow (named after JaneAnn Dow) is a crystal with a 7x3x7x3x7x3 (meaning the crystal faces) the 7 sides being a channeler, and the 3 sided part is called the transmitter. Dow crystals are a very personal crystal. I feel they find you when you are ready to do some serious inner work. Also great for manifestation and wisdom. One face has 7 sides. The next has 3, then 7, then 3, then 7, then 3.


Druzy Crystals

Druzy is a term that refers to the little covering of crystals that is sometimes found on the outside of crystals. It's basically a coating of little crystals. The druzy makes the crystal shine and shimmer with beautiful sparkly goodness! Druzy can be found on many types of crystals and they are very common.





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Elestial Quartz - Crocodile Quartz - Skeletal Quartz

Elestial Quartz, also called Crocodile Quartz or Skeletal Quartz, is an interesting Quartz formation. It usually has irregular point formation which can resemble crocodile skin with many layers and also may have etching. Smokey Quartz, Clear Quartz and Amethyst may grow in this formation. Elestials are said to assist in spiritual transformation and have a very high vibration. These crystals are fantastic for dream work and meditation.


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Geodes are hollow, some-what roundish rocks which often have various crystals and minerals inside. Quartz, Chalcedony, and Calcite are common. The tall Amethyst sparklies, often called Cathedrals, are technically geodes. Occo Agate geodes are popular as well as the Quartz "break-your-own" rocks. Geodes are lovely to put out in your space and are popular in home decor. Geodes reminds us to look deep inside ourselves. Look closely at your geodes in natural light or with a flashlight to see all the sparkly goodness. They are also said to be great clearing energies in a space and for working with groups of people.


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Isis Quartz

Isis Quartz crystals have a five-sided symmetrical face and the two top facets are longer than the two bottom. It is said that Isis crystals hold divine, feminine, goddess energy. They have a very loving energy and can be used to balance masculine and feminine energy or to enhance feminine energies. In addition, Isis crystals have a powerful sexual energy.


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Laser Wands

Laser Wands are tapered crystal points in which the bottom/base of the crystal is fatter than the tip/point. They have very concentrated energy and are great for activating crystal grids, repairing energy leaks or blockages, and directing energy.

Check out this video to learn how to work with wands.


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Phantom Crystals

Phantom crystals are crystals in which you can see a growth pattern or ghost-like image of the crystal inside. They are said to be wonderful crystals to work with in terms of seeing your own development over time and to tap into your ancestry or soul to identify patterns. They also represent reaching new heights, setting goals, and growth. Meditate with these crystals by either holding in your receiving hand, left hand (which is associated with the heart), place on heart chakra or place above crown chakra, with the point facing up. Another method for use is to stare into this crystal, shifting your consciousness into the crystal to pick up on any images, sudden knowing, messages, etc.


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Crystal Points - Quartz Points

Points, especially Quartz points come in all shapes and sizes. Some are natural, while some are cut and polished. I typically prefer to work with natural points but sometimes that isn't always possible. Points can be used for meditation, body layouts, directing energy in grids, grid activation, jewelry, chakra work, aura repair, amplifying energy and so much more. The energy flows in the direction of the point. If you want the energy to flow out of the body, then place a point facing away from the body. If you want the energy to flow into the body, then place the point facing toward the body.


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Rainbow Crystals

Rainbow crystals are crystals that have rainbows in them. Rainbows are often formed by internal fractures inside the crystal. You can enjoy the beauty of the rainbow more so in natural lighting. Rainbow crystals are said to bring about joy and happiness which makes sense since rainbows make us smile. They are a reminder that the storm has passed. Rainbow crystals are also said to be helpful when doing inner child work. These beauties can be used on all chakras as well.


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Record Keepers

I want to share this amazing smokey quartz point I have in my personal collection. It has a trigonal record keeper which is an upside down triangle etched in the face of a Quartz crystal. These are rare. I have found a few thus far in my travels but this one is too incredible to describe and I can't get it captured on camera. The inside of this triangle is like a perfect pyramid. When you look with a jeweler's loupe you really see it. It is said that records keepers were placed in some crystals by the Lemurians and Atlanteans and hold secret knowledge about the universe, past or future. A trigonal record keeper is said to hold information about the future. A regular Record Keeper (not pictured) is a raised triangle and points upward. These are said to access universal knowledge, and past information.

If that wasn't exciting enough, to the right of the record keeper is a Time Link. A Time Link is a 7th face on a quartz shaped like a parallelogram. I've seen several of these in my travels but they are cool none-the-less. The Time Link in my crystal is slanted like // which is believed to be a link to the future. If it faces \\, it is believed to hold information about the past.

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Trigger Crystals

Trigger crystals are Quartz crystals in which there is Quartz growing out of the side of the larger piece. It is said that if you rub or squeeze the "trigger", you will activate the crystal and it may have greater energy. I find trigger crystals to be very soothing and they help me to get into a meditative state much easier.


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Twin Crystals

Twin crystals are two crystals that grew together and have the same base. If the crystals are of equal length they are considered Tantric Twins. Twin crystals are said to assist with relationships of all kinds including friendships, family, and romantic love. The Tantric Twin crystals, however, are believed to have more emphasis on romantic relationships or the twin flame connection. Meditate with these crystals on the heart chakra or in the left hand to establish a heart-felt connection. You can combine these with other crystals depending on the intention. For example if you are seeking a love relationship, then use a twin or tantric twin, combined with Rose Quartz or other love stone.


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Window Crystal

A Window crystal is a 7th face on a Quartz crystal. It is shaped like a diamond. If the 7th face is slightly slanted, then it is called a Time link. The window is said to be the window to the soul. You can use these crystals by looking into the window as if you are peering into the deepest aspects of self. You can place on the third eye, heart chakra, or hold in your receiving hand during meditation. You may also use for scrying by placing the crystal on a table top and looking deep into the window.

To learn more about scrying, click here


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