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Updated 10/1/2021
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Welcome to the July Crystal Showcase. This showcase features a variety of palm stones. Crystal energy in the palm of your hands! Watch the video below or on Youtube, and when you see that perfect sparkly friend, come back to this page, add to cart, check out, and pay shipping invoice. Please consolidate your orders as much as possible. Some important things to mention:

  • The showcase is a first come, first serve showdown.
  • If there is no PayPal button, the crystal friend is not available.
  • However, just because the button is there, doesn't mean the crystal friend is available. You will know of the availability once you check out and even then, sometimes Pay Pal is glitchy.
  • Having trouble with the Pay Pal buttons? Click here for some tips.
  • Prices don't include shipping cost. I will email you a shipping invoice when you are finished shopping. If the invoice is not paid within 72 hours, your order will be cancelled.
  • Shipping within the United States and Canada only. Learn more about shipping here.
  • MINIMUM PURCHASE IS $10. Check out the store for more crystal goodness!
  • Please note that during this challenging time your order may be delayed due to the USPS massive increase in shipping responsibilities.





Amethyst, Chevron  -  Apatite, Green  -  Calcite, Blue  -  Chrysoprase  -  Hematoid Quartz  -  Indigo Gabbro  -  Labradorite  -  Lazulite  -  Moonstone, Black  -  Ocean Jasper  -  Petrified Wood  -  Rose Quartz  -  Rubellite in Quartz Selenite

Amethyst, Banded/Chevron

Intuition, clairvoyance, vision, dream recall, higher realms, spirituality



Apatite, Green/Blue

Inspiration, clarity, abundance, matters of the heart, heart-mind connection



Calcite, Blue

Emotional wellness, purification, peace, communication, psychic abilities




Green variety of Chalcedony, love, truth, communication, happiness, vitality



Hematoid Quartz - Set of 2

Grounding, motivation, positivity, success, creativity, action, vitality.

Each set includes 2 palm stones: Golden Healer/Yellow Hematoid Quartz (yellow inclusions) and Fire Quartz (reddish Hematite inclusions). Please note that some pieces include both yellow, brownish, and red. Each set weighs approx. 3-4 ounces and sizes range from 1.75-2.25  inches long. Average size is about 2 inches in length.



Indigo Gabbro - Mystic Merlinite

Psychic abilities, intuition, vision, ground spiritual energy, balance




psychic stone, spiritual protection, empathy, aura repair, communication




3rd eye chakra, clairvoyance, dream work, high vibe, balance, joy



Moonstone, Black

Love, nurturing, emotional release, new beginnings, moon connection, tides, motion, sea-sickness, traveler's stone



Ocean Jasper

Water element, Atlantis connection, stress reduction, emotional wellness, heart,love



Petrified Wood

Earthing, past life recall, success, security, growth, ancestral knowledge



Rose Quartz

Love stone, peace, tranquility, compassion, forgiveness, relationships, relief of home-sickness, water element



Rubellite Tourmaline in Quartz- Bright pink/purple variety of Tourmaline

Emotional support, love, friendship, tranquility, positivity




Aura cleansing, purification/peace, divinity/clarity, high consciousness, spiritual growth




**New crystals added to the following pages**

clearance/sales page, bundle page, power pouches, and the shapes/carvings page




Don't forget to check out what we have in the store too. More sparkly goodness!


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