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I am constantly updating the website, adding new crystal goodies, resources, etc. This is a great place to check in to see what's new, learn about sales, download the latest newsletter, view the latest video, or any other important news.


November, 2018
The Holiday Crystal Gift Sale is open!



Click here for the October 2018 Crystal showcase











4th of July sales! Ends July 8, 2018



June, 2018
The June 2018 Crystal Showcase is now open. Whoo hoo!
Click here to shop and adopt.













May, 2018
Red-capped Amethyst was added
New palm stones added
New Petrified Wood was added


April, 2018
View the April Crystal Showcase.

March, 2018
EGGStravaganza crystal showcase is live.

March, 2018
New crystal goodies added! Click below to see the newbies!


Red Aventurine Fluorite Pyrite Moonstone
Red Calcite Blue Kyanite Crazy Lace Agate Pink Opal
Hematite Jasper Peacock Ore Citrine Lemurian Quartz
Ruby Record Keepers Hemimorphite Tiger Eye Rose Quartz
Optical Calcite Dumortierite Golden Quartz Green Aventurine
Amethyst Yellow Jasper Rhodonite
Rhyolite/Rainforest Jasper Diopside Emerald Green Calcite Wands
Epidote Tektite Apophyllite - price reduced Quartz
Smokey Quartz Desert/Polychrome Jasper Black Onyx Snowflake Obsidian
Lodestone Black Obsidian Sepatarian Nodule Chiastolite
Black Sardonyx Candle Quartz Black Kyanite Fancy Jasper
Aragonite Gemstone bracelets Chakra Products Pendulums
Crystal Chips Accessories Flatstones Black Amber


December, 2017


November, 2017
Mini-Crystal Showcase held in my Facebook Group
New Black Tourmaline added to website
New Selenite added to website
New Lake Superior Agate added to website
New Pink Dolomite added to website
New Shiva Lingham added to website

October, 2017
Crystal kit auction

July 6, 2017
Chakra meditations now available on Youtube
Check out the playlist

June 26, 2017
Black Amber added
Check them out

June 21, 2017
Gemstone Angels added
Check them out

June 2017
New Angel/Spirit Guide Communication Power Pouch!

May 23, 2017
The May Crystal Showcase is out! See what's available!
Check out our latest crystalicious newsletter.

May, 2017
Huge website makeover!

New rough Chevron Amethyst added

New Candle Quartz points added

New Chlorite Quartz points added

Black Obsidian arrowheads added


The Feb. Crystal Showcase is out!
View at


Get Into Shape Crystal Showcase!

I will be having a crystal showcase in February which will feature crystal/mineral spheres, pyramids, eggs, skulls, polyhedrons, and other shapes! Information will be available soon.


New crystal goodies added 


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