Kimspiration from my Summer Vacation


While on vacation on Cape Cod, we took a day trip to Martha's Vineyard, an island off the Cape. We had an good time there but were eager to return to the mainland. While waiting online for the 6:10pm ferry, we were informed that the ferry was cancelled and the next one was full, so we had to get a refund and basically find another way back to the mainland.


For awhile we felt stuck on this island and I admit, it was a bit unsettling. We waited in line for over an hour and then heard another ferry had openings, so hubby went to the other ferry and got tickets. He texted me said we needed to hurry because they were about to depart. My daughters and I ran to the new ferry, mostly uphill. It was like out of a movie scene and included heavy breathing on my part. We ran up the dock and just as we were about to cross the entrance, the gate closed. I was devastated. I just wanted off the island. Luckily the next ferry was in an hour and they would honor our tickets so we just sat there and waited. Hey, at least we were first in line! Then we had to make arrangements for a ride back to our car because this ferry wasn't leaving us off anywhere near where our car was. Our car was actually 45 minutes away but that all worked out too, thanks to Uber and a nice guy named Collin.


We eventually got on the ferry and had wonderful seats on the top. We even got to enjoy a gorgeous view of the sun setting over the ocean. Shiz happens and when it does, the way out of it is to find something good about it. That sunset was gorgeous and made the whole ordeal worth it. Never give up!



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