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Cleansing Space

Make a salt water spray-use sea salt or himalayan salt if possible, but it is not required. Spray corners of room, behind doors, inside closets, anywhere where you feel it needs to be cleansed. Be sure to have clear affirmation that you are cleansing the space.

Burn white sage, other sacred herb or palo santo wood, in corners, behind doors, etc. with affirmation you are clearing space.

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NOTE: always open a window to let the "negative" go OUT. You can direct the negative or unwanted energies to go out the window or with your mind’s eye, create a black hole and direct the “negative” energy to go there. I personally like to transmute the negative energy by turning it into white light.

Make a gem spray out of certain crystals like Black Onyx. Spray like you would spray salt water.

Essential Oil sprays - you can also add some essential oil to the gem water spray if you like. I add sage essential oil and Palo Santo to my space clearing gem spray. But you can also make a spray with just water and essential oil, or you can add some essential oil to your salt spray!

Sound - sounds can clear a space and fill it up. Clap hands, beat a drum, go around to each corner, behind doors, etc. Say affirmation. Again, open a window any time you are clearing a space.

Happiness and laughter can clear a space. There can only be one frequency in a space at a time. So if you play happy music, go around with chimes, laugh, sing, joke, etc. you will PUSH out the unwanted energy because the joy and laughter is higher frequency. I will often go round my house with chimes or my singing bowl, after I do the other methods as well. If you don't fill the empty space with high frequency, joy, etc. then it leaves space for the unwanted, negative energies to come in.

Crystals - You can place certain crystals around the space. Black Tourmaline, Smokey Quartz, Hematite, and Black Obsidian are awesome for protection and clearing. Salt lamps and Selenite lamps too, are great for clearing the air and creating a warm, peaceful environment. You can place pieces of Black Tourmaline around doors ways and windows or in each corner of the room. You can also make a crystal grid to protect the space. Check out our on-line crystal store, aka the crystal closet!

Visualize your space filling with white light.

Cleansing Self

  • Use Selenite, Clear Quartz or Labradorite to cleanse aura.
  • Black Obsidian arrowheads, Black Kyanite blades to release energetic cords.
  • Take a salt bath (use sea salt of place a piece of Himalayan salt (Halite) into the bath. Note: it will dissolved over time).
  • Spray aura with vibrational spray made of Smokey Quartz, Citrine, etc. Add sage essential oil or Palo Santo oil.
  • Dance and sing, laugh.
  • Imagine that you place all troubles and fear into a basket and tie a helium balloon onto the basket and see the basket float away.
  • Ask Archangel Michael to cleanse you.

Remember, you do not NEED anyone to cleanse you or your space. You can do it yourself. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise! However, if you would like some assistance, I do offer one to one services. You can learn more about that here.


  • Visualize white light or golden light around you and in your space.
  • Visualize placing a mirror or bubble around yourself.
  • Visualize placing shield around you or a brick wall.
  • Visualize that you are standing in mud. Cover yourself with mud and imagine pieces of violet glass sticking to the mud, all around you. Violet is protective and the mirror is reflective plus the mud is grounding. GREAT visual!
  • Call AA Michael and ask that he place his shield around you or his protective cloak.
  • Place salt around windows and doors.
  • Crystals on window sills and around doors.
  • Crystal grids and mojo mags. Great protection power pouch (mojo bag) can be seen here.

Spell Reversal

  • Fill glass of water, place a plate on top and flip it over. Put under your bed.
  • Use camphor essential oil in water at your bed side.
  • Lapis Lazuli, Obsidian or Labradorite can be used to reflect the spell back. (I personally do not advocate for this method). I prefer to send back love instead.
  • Burn a red, yellow and white candle in a sacred place to promote protection.
  • Use of black crystals.


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