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Spring EGGStravaganza!
Revised 3/14/2019 9:45 p.m. EDT

Welcome to the March 2019 Crystal Showcase. This showcase features gorgeous cut and polished gemstone eggs....just in time to help bring in the Spring! Watch the video and when you see that perfect sparkly friend, come back to this page, add to cart, check out, and pay shipping invoice. ENJOY! REFRESH YOUR BROWSER OFTEN. Please be so kind to share this link with friends, family and those who may be interested. I deeply appreciate the help in getting the word out. Thank you so much for visiting and shopping the showcase. Blessings, Kim




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Egg energy is said to represent re-birth, fertility, manifestation, and a sense of calmness.
They are great to hold, crystal grid work, meditation, making nests, during Springtime, or the Spring Equinox.

All eggs below come with Spanish Moss (nest) and acrylic stand
Please take note of the approximate egg sizes before adopting

Extra large - 2.5 inches tall x 2 inches wide
Large - 2.25 inches tall x 1.5 inches wide
Medium - 2 inches tall x 1.25-1.5 inches wide
Small - 1.75 inches tall x 1.25 inches wide




Spring Crystal Grid Kit - Features a Clear Quartz Egg and Nest + other goodies!
The Spring Equinox and Springtime in general, is a great time to manifest one’s desires. This grid kit includes: 1 small grade B Clear Quartz Egg, approx. 1.75 x 1.25 inches, 2 tumbled Nephrite Jade, 2 tumbled Rhyolite/Rainforest Jasper, 2 tumbled Moss Agate, and 2 tumbled Tree Agate (growth, healing, connecting to Mother Earth), 6 small Citrine points (manifestation, abundance, joy), 4 tumbled Clear Quartz (amplification, clarity), 1 Clear Quartz point (grid activation), dried flowers, Spanish Moss “nest”, acrylic stand, 2 tea light candles, incense, doily, affirmation card, description card, and decorative box.
Price: $38 + shipping




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