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December 21, 2012 marked the beginning of the Winter Solstice, the end of a 26,000 year cycle, and the beginning of a new age. Some said the world was going to end today, while others think it is a new age and a change in our spirituality. And then there are some that think itís just another day. Well, I think there is something special about this day. I feel the energies. I feel Mother Earth speaking. I woke up this morning feeling sad but I had the desire to be happy, so I decided to go for a walk in the woods. Despite the rain and wind, I put on a pair of boots and rain coat and off I went. Not another soul in sight. I wondered, ďWhat the heck am I doing in the woodsĒ? The path to the woods was blocked by a fallen tree. At first it deterred me, but then I decided to step over it and forge on.

As I walked down the path, I saw so many fallen trees. Iím guessing this occurred because of Hurricane Sandy that hit us not too long ago. There were heavy rains earlier, so the wooded area was flooded. The path that I have walked numerous times was covered by water in various areas. When possible I tried to walk over a log or step on rocks, but there were times when I just had to walk through the water. Nothing was stopping me. I felt like I had to rest in the woods somewhere and just listen.

As I walked, I felt the gentle rain falling on me. It was a little chilly and breezy but I didnít mind. I took note of the fallen trees, the rising water, the birds, squirrels, ducks and deer. The animals would flee from me. I guess the sound of breaking twigs was frightening to them. I came to an area where there was a flooded path to the left and a waterfall to the right. I had nowhere to go. I was determined to keep walking so I crossed the waterfall and was ecstatic by my courage and relieved of my success! What I found on the other side of this waterfall was the reason for my talking the walk in the woods in the first place.


I walked around a bit, no longer on any path. I was surrounded by deeper water and really had no paths to take. I decided to sit on a log by the waterfall and wait. Wait for what? I wasnít sure. I sat and sat. I thought. I prayed. The rain had stopped so I was happy about that. I asked the universe, ďWhy did you bring me out here today?Ē I started to cry although I didnít know why I was crying. I just felt so emotional. I then saw all the litter floating down the river. I was feeling that Mother Earth is very sad about how she is treated and disrespected. It was at that moment that I realized my tears were the Earthís tears. I was weeping for her. I was feeling Mother Earth. I had never felt that way before, not like this anyway. I spoke to her and asked her to have faith in us, that today is a glorious day and people will change their way of thinking and living. I was being a friend to Mother Earth. I listened to her and I assured her that we would make it better for her and the life around and within her. She rewarded me by clearing some of the dark clouds away, although the sun was still nowhere to be seen.

I began to focus on myself and asked Archangel Raphael to please take away any past hurts I have, from this lifetime and others. I said it was time to let go of this hurt. I asked for confirmation, ďAre you with me Arch angel Raphael?Ē. As I spoke these words, the sun came out from behind the clouds and beamed down on me for just a few moments. I felt as if Arch Angel Raphael was assuring me that my prayers were heard and being taken care of. My heart was filled with love. I knew I wasnít alone. Again, I called upon Arch Angel Raphael to please help me to forgive myself and others, for I donít want to carry that burden anymore. I asked that I have forgiveness in my heart so I could make room for love. As I spoke, again, the sun came out from behind the clouds, for just a few moments. It clearly was another sign that my prayers were being heard.


I thanked Mother Earth and Archangel Raphael for listening to me. I knew why I came to the woods today so I headed back to the car. Because of the flooding, I had a difficult time getting back on a path. My journey back was quite exciting though. I asked Mother Earth if I could have some sun, for I was cold and my feet were soaking wet. Ask and you shall receive, for there were some patches of blue sky and then the sun came out!

I encountered more ducks, except this time they didnít swim away. I stopped and spoke to them for a while. I then encountered a Heron who I had seen earlier. This time he didnít fly away. He sat and looked at me. I talked with him for a while as well.

Once back on a path, I saw a family of six deer. Earlier in my adventure, they ran away from me, however this time, they stayed. The mother deer watched me, cautiously at first. I talked to her for quite some time and she just looked at me as if she understood what I was saying. I explained that I wasnít going to hurt her or her family and I told her all about this special day. She had no fear of me this time. Her and her family slowly crossed the path in front of me and I watched in awe of such beauty. I saw the deer family again a bit later, and they still didnít run from me. It was truly magical.

Eventually I got back to my car and as I did, the sun went behind the clouds again. I thanked Mother Earth for providing the sun on my journey back to the car and I said good bye to the woods. I left this place with my spirit refreshed, filled with love, and hope and a strong connection to Mother Earth. I realized something very important. Once you let go of old hurts and pains, forgive yourself and others, and love yourself and others, you then have the ability to see how truly connected we are to each other. We are one with the Earth, with the plants, trees, flowers, animals and each other. We are truly connected, so what you do greatly affects what is around you. Be kind to yourself. If you hurt yourself, you hurt others. Itís that simple. We can make this a better place. Mother Earth greatly desires that.

We all have great power within us. We can manifest change. Today, and every day, is the perfect day to become the change we want. From this day forth I will ask for peace, love, harmony and abundance for ALL. I hope all will join me in this quest!

Sensing Energy in the Woods
Faerie  or Fairy Energy in the Woods


Nurturing Nature Power Pouch

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