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The following is a variety of articles, videos, tips, tricks and so on, all related to crystals. Learn about how to use crystals, crystal basics, properties, cleansing/retuning, mineral identification, crystal combinations, manifestation, formations, cautions, psychic enhancement, crystal grids, elixirs, and so much more.

Stay tuned for more crystaliciousness!

Adundance, Manifestation & Crystals

Crystal Combinations

Astral Projection & Crystals

Crystal Caution List

Crystal Properties

Crystal Basics/How to Use

Crystal Formations

Cleansing & Retuning Crystals

Crystal Grids

Crystal Q & A With Kim

Crystal Fakes

Chakras & Crystals

Crystal Healing - What is it?

Communication with Angels/Spirits

Body Layouts & Crystals

Decision Making/Crystals

Crystal Adoption - Why I Coined Phrase

Mineral Identification

Difficult Times & Crystals

Planetary Events, Holidays & Crystals

Gem Elixirs, Vibrational Sprays

Psychic Abilities & Crystals

My Crystal Broke

Pendulum Use

Sensing Energy/Receiving Hand

What Crystal Should I Get?


Spiritual Protection and Cleansing

Letting Go/Releasing




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