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Let's be honest, there are so many crystal fakes out on the market today and that causes a lot of concern for buyers (rightly so). There are various levels of fake and the term is thrown around a lot, but to me, the worse kind of fake is when you are told something that is just not so. For example, when you think you bought Moldavite but you bought green bottle glass. Or when you buy expensive Calsilica and learn it's just car paint. YUCK! Or your perfectly clear "Quartz", is plain old glass. Or your bright blue Agate is dyed. I can go on and on.

This is a page that I will add to, but for now, please educate yourself before purchasing crystals and minerals. Here's a few great resources to get you started!

In addition, Hibiscus Moon has many articles regarding crystal fakes and how to spot them. Plug "Crystal Fakes Hibiscus Moon" into your browser and you will see many blog posts regarding this important topic.

Check out this video regarding a crystal fake that was gifted to my children


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