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Crystals are said to have energy and consciousness; therefore they are a great way to manifest what you are seeking. By combining the crystals into a cohesive group, you can heighten the potency of the energies and pack a powerful energetic punch! Crystal grids can be used for just about anything such as: abundance and prosperity, love, healing of all kinds, protection, creativity, chakra work, connecting with angels and spirit guides, past life recall, animal healing, and so on. The universe is the limit!

The best kept secret for creating a powerful and personalized grid is to use your intuition, but here are some basic steps and ideas to get you started.

  • Be clear in what you want and set a clear intention
  • Select crystals and layout
  • Cleanse crystals, space and self
  • Personalize grid with your own special touch
  • Use other energies such as herbs, spices, essential oils, Reiki, etc.
  • Set the mood with candles, incense, music, etc.
  • Place crystals in your grid
  • Activate your grid
  • Give thanks
  • Reactivate as needed and take down when you feel the time is right.


Activitating a Crystal Grid

Activating a crystal grid is the process of combining the energy of the crystals so that they are working together in unison. There are many ways in which one can do this. Some people use a crystal wand, some use their finger, and others simply use their intention. I demonstrate grid activation in the video below on the left. The video on the right talks about what to say during a grid activation, with a close up of a grid activation cheat sheet.



Crystal Grid Mats/Boards

The type of surface we place a crystal grid can have an impact on your crystal grid. Color, shape, style, type of material, etc. are something to take into consideration. There are some fancy grid mats and boards on the market. It's great to invest in at least one. Plus we support the crafty people making them. We can also find some great bargains. Watch the video for some great tips.


Space Saving Crystal Grid Hacks

Most of us don't have elaborate spaces for our crystal grids. Even with my own private zen den, I still don't have space for large crystal grids, especially with an active kitty who loves all things crystals. In these videos, I share some great space saving tips and idea.

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Sample Crystal Grids

There are crystal grid pictures and videos all throughout this website so I just put a few below as a sampling. Visit my Crystal Grid playlist on Youtube for more grids.








Crystal Grids by Children

Here are a few crystal grids created by children under the age of 10. Please take necessary precaution and do not leave young children unattended.


Sun Crystal Grid
This was made by a young girl who wanted it to be sunny for her swimming birthday party, despite the forecast of rain. It started raining just as the last few guests were leaving the party. Coincidence? Maybe, but maybe not. Intention is very powerful! This grid includes Citrine, Pyrite, Clear Quartz and Pyrite. Also includes drawings made by the young girl as well as dolls in a "pool" to complete the intended visual. Very creative!



More crystal grids are seen on my Youtube Channel

Click here to view the Crystal Grid Playlist

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