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The crystal properties and tips I share are based off of my personal experiences, intuition, and various resources. Please remember that working with crystal energy is a personalized experience and not all crystals and minerals work the same for everyone. It's also important to note that crystal healing is a complimentary wellness modality that should not be used in lieu of obtaining professional medical or psychiatric help. My primary focus when working with crystals is spiritual development.

This has been a huge undertaking and is a continued work in progress, but I want to share what I've created thus far. To see what's available, sign up below.





The free version includes over 40 cards within SECTION A (Agates, Amethysts, and others). You can download that PDF for FREE below.


If you are interested in the FULL PDF VERSION WITH OVER 260 CARDS, simply complete the purchase below and your full digital version will be emailed to you. Please be sure to use the correct email address so that your pdf arrives safely. Please consider it a small donation to support this website. Thank you.

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These are not printed cards. You will receive a pdf.

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