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Astral Projection is a topic that comes up often. There are various theories as to what it actually is. Some say it is when the Astral body leaves the physical body and travels the astral plane. Others believe it is another level of consciousness, but you aren’t really leaving the body. Of course there are those who say that this is all nuts and people like us belong in special psychiatric institutions. Yes, someone commented under one of my videos. Whatever it is, it is a wild experience! I also believe that some of our dreams are actually out of body experiences!

There are many methods that will assist you in having an out-of-body experience (OOBE), another term for Astral Projection. The key is to try different techniques and find what works for you. The best advice I can give is to relax. You really have to clear your mind and let your body fall asleep, while keeping your mind awake.

Crystals can help you achieve an OOBE and also provide you with protection and grounding. Some crystals include: Auralite 23, Amethyst, Red-capped Amethyst, Herkimer Diamonds, Selenite, Labradorite, Apophyllite, Tanzanite, Phenakite, Moldavite, Clear Quartz, and more. Check out the video below to learn more about Astral Projection including tips, sensations, and crystal usage.



Red-Capped Amethyst - Fly with Your Feet on the Ground

I find these crystals to be wonderful tools to assist with astral projection, vivid dreams, and dream recall. Energetically, they remind me very much so of Auralite 23, but they have a comforting grounding aspect that I love. This why I refer to these as a crystal to help you fly with both feet on the ground. These crystals have a high vibration but at the same time keep you connected to the Earth.


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