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Determining your receiving hand is one way to sense crystal energy. There are other ways to sense energies and I'll get into that in another post. Remember that everyone is different and there are no set rules for any of these. Your receiving hand is often the one you don’t use much, but not always the case. Watch the videos below to see the various methods and it's important to note that you must be in the NOW to get the best results. Good luck!



Receiving and Sensing Hands
What Hand to Hold Crystals in


Some tips include:


  • Be in the NOW because there really is no time like the present
  • Clasp your hands together. Do you feel anything?
  • To warm up the nadis, clap or rub your hands together. Slowly pull hands apart. Gently "push" hands together without touched. Do you feel anything?
  • Point a natural crystal point at one hand and then at the other, feel anything?
  • During meditation or relaxation, place a crystal in one hand, then another make not of any any differences
  • Hold hands over crystals (especially a crystal grid) – sweep palm across. Notice any sensations?
  • Try working with rough, larger crystals for these experiments
  • Make the crystal is on your palm
  • Try working with a pendulum
  • Layer up the energies – use essential oils, crystals, herbs, sound, etc. to increase the sensation
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Try these tests in the bath or shower


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