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Sending and Receiving Energy


Ethereal crystal energy is crystal energy that is being sent long distance through the ether. It's similar to the concept of Reiki except symbols and attunement are not required and the energy comes from the ethereal mineral kingdom. Simply stated, one calls upon the energies of the mineral kingdom to be sent to a particular person, animal, situation, etc. The great part is that you don't even need the physical crystal to do so, although it helps to have. Watch the video to learn how I do it.



Tips for Receiving Energy

*Be honest and open with the energy worker. Trust and communication is an important part of this process. There should be some time set side to discuss important factors before the session.

*It isn't necessary, but is recommended that you sit or lay down during the session. You can however, carry on your typical day or night, while the session is being offered. Just be sure that you are ready and open to receive.

*Another option is to take a warm bath during the session, or soak your feet in warm water, since water is a conductor of energy. This can be very intense so if you are new to energy work, you may not want to do this.

*You may light candles, burn sage, or incense, or any ritual that assists you in relaxation and spiritual protection.

*Relax and focus on your heartbeat or breathing.

*Hold a Clear Quartz crystal in your receiving hand (optional). This will amplify the energy.

*You may also hold a grounding crystal or protective one if available such as Black Tourmaline, Smokey Quartz, Nuummite, or Hematite (for example). I do recommend a grounding crystal nearby in case you need it. It's not necessary but can be helpful.

*Set your intention to receive only that which is for the highest good. Accept only pure, divine energy.

*You may feel tingles, warm sensation, energy swirling, etc. during and after the session. You may even have messages, downloads of information, or heightened psychic abilities.

*Drink plenty of water before and after the session.

*Be sure you are grounded before getting up. Do not get up quickly. If you feel dizzy, tired, or uneasy, stay seated or lying down until you feel stable.

*Take note of any sensations, feelings, dreams, visions, smells, sounds, music, messages, and synchronicities. Keeping a journal will be very useful in determining how the energies are impacting you.

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