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This page is dedicated to anyone who is seeking some inspiration and motivation. We all get stuck sometimes. Each day is an opportunity for something wonderful to come into our lives. We know that life is ever changing and surely never boring. Ebb and flow is a perfect example of how our lives are in constant motion. Please find inspiration in these various stories, videos, and memes. If I inspire one person, then I have been blessed to have been given this opportunity. Please, never give up hope.


Crystals for Inspiration and Motivation

Please remember that crystals are never to be used in lieu of professional medical or psychiatric services. Take a moment to read my full disclaimer. I am not making claims that these crystals are going to inspire or motivate you. No crystal is going to lift you out of depression or motivate you to take positive actions in your life. Only YOU can do that. However, these are some of my favorite crystals that are said to assist on an energetic level in a complimentary manner:

  • Agate, Botswana - finding solutions, creativity, inspiration, comfort
  • Apatite Yellow - abundance, manifestation, intellect, clarity, motivation
  • Aragonite - earthing, balance, strength, decision making, concentration
  • Bloodstone courage, strength, revitalization, grounding, good fortune
  • Calcite, Orange/Yellow - optimism, intuition, amplification, joy/bliss, sun energy
  • Carnelian - abundance, stamina, creativity, sexual energy, vitality, fire element
  • Citrine - positivity, manifestation, confidence, abundance, motivation
  • Garnet - vitality/strength, abundance, grounding, passion, protection
  • Jasper, Brecciated grounding, vigor, vitality, sexual energy, strength
  • Jasper, Fancy creativity, enjoyment, nurturing, happy stone, stability
  • Jasper, Red protection, courage, determination, grounding, physical strength
  • Jasper, Yellow happiness, decision making, optimism, confidence, strength
  • Pyrite - manifestation, action, memory, self-confidence, grounding
  • Quartz, Red - courage, vitality, protection, grounding, take action
  • Ruby - life force/vitality, take action, prosperity, love/passion, protection
  • Ruby Fuschite - heart-centeredness, love, vitality, compassion, happiness, balance
  • Sunstone - manifestation, leadership, optimism, sun connection, happiness
  • Zoisite heart, love, creativity, intuition, action, inspiration, independence



By: Debbie Bongiovanni-Sharp

Climb the ladder to success,
Your hard work will be worth your while,
And when you see what the outcome will bring,
You'll have a great big smile.

Make sure that you stay focused,
And you will reach the top,
Because when it's all said and done,
You didn't want to stop.




By: Debbie Bongiovanni-Sharp

We all need to have hope,
That things will go our way,
But the one thing we must do,
Is pray each and every day.

If something in your life is wrong,
You can see it through,
Having hope will do that,
Then things may not seem so blue.

So never give up hope,
Because God will make things right,
You believed that would happen,
And it was truly an amazing sight.




My all time favorite spiritual song!


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