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"Namaste, Thank you so much for your video series on youtube. I've had a background in crystal healing and grids yet only involving a few basic crystals like clear quartz etc... Since finding your series I feel like I've really been getting a feeling for the different kinds of crystals and their usages. I've also been really getting a lot of inspiration from your letting go series as well. You've really got it going on! Love, Michele"

My Youtube channel is growing! I have a variety of videos including crystals, oracle readings, ethereal crystal healing, and spiritual/metaphysical topics. Be sure to subscribe and click the bell to receive notifications of video uploads. I have created many palylists to make it easier to find what you are looking for!


Crystal Basics

Cleansing/Retuning Crystals

Ethereal Crystal Healing


Energy Sensing

Psychic Abilities & Crystals

Crystal Properties


Spiritual Protection/Cleansing

Gem Water/Elixirs/Sprays

Crystal Grids


Misc. Crystal Videos

Crystal Healing

Mineral Identification



Astral Projection

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Letting Go Series


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Difficult Times


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