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Inside this issue: Meditation, Melody Lane, Activities at Your Fingertips


Meditation is such an important aspect to our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Many people think that it’s just a metaphysical woo-woo type of activity. Some people automatically think of spiritualists sitting in the lotus position (criss-cross apple-sauce) while chanting ohm. I assure you, I have never meditated in that position nor do I chant, although there’s nothing wrong with that! I’m just saying there’s many ways to meditate. But I digress.


Meditation does have great benefits in terms of spiritual growth, metaphysical healing, enhanced intuition, vivid dreams, heightened awareness of synchronicities, and a plethora of other experiences. However, meditation is also crucial to our mental, physical, and emotional well-being too. In fact, more and more physicians recommend meditation to manage stress and compliment healing modalities or treatments. We know how detrimental stress is to our overall health, so if you meditate just to relieve stress alone, you are doing wonders for yourself. According to, a few of the physical health benefits of meditation may include:


  • Lowered stress and anxiety (which affects us greatly)
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved digestion
  • Less pain such as headaches, etc.
  • Blood pressure management

In my experience, meditation has also helped me to have more patience, greater clarity and focus, enhanced creativity and problem-solving skills, in addition to the spiritual benefits I mentioned above. I began meditating back in 2012 and it was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I was suffering from Lyme Disease and migraines and desperate for some kind of relief. I’m not saying meditation healed me, but along with the doctor’s medical intervention, meditation helped me to overcome my illness and move my body from a state of dis-ease to ease (wellness). Meditation DID show me how to handle my migraine issue and to this day, I use the technique to release pent-up energy (pressure) from my head! Through meditation, I found peace, had less pain, an increase in energy, and an overall sense of relief. In fact, any time I face physical ailments, I increase my MEditation time and although I can’t prove it, I feel I heal more quickly.

There are many types of meditation that range from just a few moments of “being in the now,” to extended, super-metaphysical experiences. Meditation doesn't have to be a huge ordeal. You don't have to sit in specific positions or follow a ritual of sorts. For day-to-day wellness and stress relief, I would recommend a short and simple meditation, daily or a few times a week. I confess, when I first started, I would spend hours setting up my room with candles, essential oils, special lighting and music, and I would have these extensive, powerful meditation sessions. “Aha” moments for sure. Over the years, however, I’ve realized I just don’t have the time or need for this so I’ve learned to narrow it down to short sessions, more frequently.

I’m not going to get into all of the different types of meditation modalities in this article. My goal is to just plant a meditation seed to see if it’s something you might be interested in. But I can share a little something to get you started in case your curiosity is already piqued!

Mindful meditation is a simple meditation that anyone can do. Grab 5-10 minutes during your lunch or break time or perhaps upon awakening in the morning. Just find a place and a position that allows you to quiet your mind for a little while. If your mind wanders (which it often does), just go with it. Don’t get frustrated or think you are failing at meditation. You can focus on something like your breath or heartbeat and when your active mind starts thinking about all the stuff you need to do, bring your attention back to your focus point (breath or heartbeat). Mindful meditation is a great beginner’s modality and over time, your mind strays less and less. Just don't stress about it because that defeats the purpose. Breathe and enjoy the peace and the time with your beautiful self.

Guided meditation is great for those who have wandering minds or aren’t sure what to focus on or what to do. There are so many guided meditations on Youtube but listen to the video first to make sure it’s something you resonate with. Trust me on that. There are some weird videos out there, plus sometimes the ads pop up and ruin the moment, or the music is annoying. Just listen to it first to make sure it feels right to you. There are guided meditations for various outcomes such as grounding, better sleep, letting go, peace, love, creativity, manifestation, and so much more.

Kim Tip: Something that I have discovered over the years is the benefit of hearing your own voice during a guided meditation. I recommend writing out your own guided meditations or affirmations, record yourself and play your own recorded versions during your meditation. This way you can listen to yourself which is a very powerful experience!



Lastly, I recommend keeping a meditation journal of some kind. It’s certainly not a requirement so don’t put pressure on yourself to do so. I know you don’t need any more tasks to think about. I kept a meditation and dream journal for a few years and I can attest, it’s time consuming but eye-opening as well! Some things to jot down:

  • How are you feeling or what’s going on in your life?
  • Are you sleeping well or having an increase in vivid dreams?
  • Is your physical health changing such as lowered blood pressure or less stiffness in your neck? (for example)
  • Do you feel like you have more patience and more understanding?
  • Are you having less stress or anxiety?
  • Do you have more physical energy?
  • Are you having an increase in synchronicities? If you want to learn more about synchronicities, please email me to let me know it’s a topic I should write about.

So, that’s my little introduction about meditation. I hope I have inspired you to give it a try. Remember, meditation is about going inside and discovering yourself. It’s about making time for YOU because you are worth it!


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Thumb Drive Special


Recreation and Activity Professionals are the most dedicated and caring people I know. I remember those days when I was an Activity Director. They were the most rewarding days of my professional life, but also the most stressful and exhausting. Every day is like the “big game” where you leave everything out on the field, or a “performance” where you leave it all on the stage. You give it all you got every single day! Take a sec to acknowledge the star that you really are, cuz’ baby you shine bright!

Over the years I’ve developed many digital activity resources and materials to share my knowledge, tips, tricks, ideas, forms, training materials, and games. I know how incredibly busy you are and these resources may come in handy! I wish I had them back in the day. It’s always nice to have some back up training materials, word sheets, forms, games, and so on, ready to be printed and utilized. I also understand how tight budgets are, especially now. Interestingly enough, if you were to purchase all of my digital products individually, it would cost $263.75 in total! But as I sit here watching the inches and inches of snow accumulate, I have put together a special deal that I think you won’t want to pass up.

I am excited to introduce the "Activity Resources at Your Fingertips Thumb Drive Special”. This handy dandy offer includes ALL of the digital activity and recreation resources listed below. You will receive these products on a 1GB, USB thumb drive (flash drive) that is snail-mailed right to you! Shipping cost is on me! Something important to note: this is a limited time offer with limited supplies and is available ONLY to those in the United States.





Retails for $24.95

This eTool-Kit comes with 25+ Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and PDF documents that includes downloadable activities, promotional materials, 2 PowerPoint presentations, forms, icebreakers and more. Celebrate NAPW and activities all year long. Also includes BONUS advocacy tips and a team building game.



Retails for $28

This bundle comes with Microsoft Word and PDF documents that includes:

  • 9 Recreation/Activity Documentation Customizable FORMS - Documentation Audit, Activity Assessment, Activity Progress Notes/Guidelines, Activity Participation, Care Plan Communication checklists for 1x1 and group activities, 1x1 log, Recreation Therapy Treatment Log, and Sensory Record.
  • Adapting Activities eBooklet (NEWLY ADDED) - This PDF eBooklet is full of adapting activity tips and may be used for training employees or for care plan intervention ideas.
  • Section F Interview Tools Manual
  • Medical Abbreviation Bingo Game
  • Recreation Documentation InQuizition Game
  • Medical Abbreviation Crossword Puzzle



Retails for $24.95

This bundle comes with Microsoft Word and PDF documents that includes:

  • Recreation IN-QUIZ-ITION 2nd Edition Game
  • Tic Tac Techniques: A Facilitation Techniques Training Game
  • More Than Just Bingo (AKA Leisure Bingo)
  • Set of 8 Customizable Activity Programming FORMS such as Special Event Planning, Dayroom Activity Planning, 1x1 Activity Planning, Recreation Planning Committee, Resident Council Minutes Form, Resident Council Concerns Follow-up, Sensory Group Planning, and the Resident Activity Survey
  • Set of 6 Activity Training Word Puzzles

Retails for $99

This bundle comes with 9 PDF introductory inservices that are designed for easy, affordable, and quality training for facility staff. Each PDF inservice comes with a handout, teacher's outline, certificate of attendance, inservice sign in sheet, flyer to announce the inservice, an interactive exercise, and an inservice evaluation form. These inservices are not pre-approved home study classes for NCCAP continuing education. They are intended to be used as staff inservices for in-facility training. The 9 topics include:

  • Positive Affirmations and Activities In-Service
  • Meaningful Quality of Life In-Service
  • Sensory Stimulation: Tips and Techniques In-Service
  • Never Too Old to Learn In-Service
  • Introduction to Leisure Education In-Service
  • Introduction to Religion and Spirituality In-Service
  • Introduction to Remotivation In-Service
  • Introduction to Humor Therapy In-Service
  • Introduction to Reminiscence In-Service




Retails for $24.95

This manual is a customizable Microsoft Word document that is designed to assist the evaluator in determining the strengths and weakness of the department while providing information to assist in the formation of a corrective plan of action. Includes tools to assess the overview of the Activity Department, recreation environment, supplies and equipment, calendars, resident council, activity employees, volunteers, activity evaluations, population analysis, resident activity survey, resident interest analysis, resident quality of life continuum of care, and population quality of life audit. Bonus: Leader Facilitation Guidelines for Group Activities and a List of Activities.

Retails for $14.95

This 25-page manual covers everything from personnel information, programming, techniques, working with other departments, infection control, safety, supplies and equipment, orientation checklists, the Skill Share Program, and more. It’s a completely customizable Microsoft Word document. You can create a highly personalized orientation program for your specific department. Just add all of your unique procedures, activities, and training needs! You can even add your facility name, logo, and so on! Make it your own because no two Activity Departments are alike!

Retails for $18

This is a fun, interactive way to teach resident rights! In addition, you receive a bonus animated PowerPoint version of the game which adds a visual aspect to your program and can also serve as a training tool for employee inservices. Sent as a PDF and animated PowerPoint presentation.



S.P.I.R.I.T. e-Kit for Seniors
Retails for $18

The S.P.I.R.I.T. e-Kit (Spiritual Practices, Inspiration, Religious, and Individualized Techniques for Seniors) consists of a variety of activities and tools that are designed to enhance one’s spiritual journey. Includes 30 PDF documents such as mandalas, attitude of gratitude, things that make you happy, spiritual word puzzles, letting go exercises, and much more.

Retails for $10.95

Brain Storm: Theme-Related Trivia, Word Games, and Discussion Materials (Volume One: Recreation and Leisure), is a PDF eBook that includes 80 pages of trivia, discussion questions, quotes, fun facts, word games, word puzzles, and creative thinking activities, based on the theme recreation and leisure.



BONUS! Because who doesn’t love BONUS Materials?

The Employee Orientation eBooklet is an 11-page PDF created for Recreation and Activity Directors. It discusses various orientation tips, strategies, and resources.

This gem is not included on my website at this time!



I have various free eBooklets and eKits available as free downloads on my site. You can easily download them for free. I am including those resources on the thumb drive for the sake of ease. You will have all Re-Creative Resources Inc. materials in one location! These resources include:

  • 40 PDF Activity Worksheets (puzzles/games)
  • Interdisciplinary Activity Ideas
  • Responsibilities of the Recreation Director in LTC with bonus forms
  • Leader Facilitation Guidelines for Group Activities with bonus forms
  • New Year’s Resolutions: Setting Goals You Can Achieve



Now, that's a WHOLE LOT OF ACTIVITY and RECREATION GOODNESS RIGHT THERE! Again, if purchased individually, the total cost would be AT LEAST $263.75. But I am making these resources available to you via a thumb drive, for ONLY $99! The 9-bundle pack of inservices alone sells for $99! In a nutshell, you are paying for the inservices and getting everything else, including the thumb drive and shipping, for FREE! I’d say that’s a spectacular deal! Just a reminder, this offer is for those in the United States only and there is a very limited supply. If you are even thinking about this, you may want to jump on board right away.


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