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A question that I am asked on a regular basis is, "How do I use crystals?". One can receive training in this and learn very detailed methodologies. I recommend that for anyone who wants to do energy healing, especially for a living. However, I'm going to share some introductory information on how to incorporate crystals into your everyday life.

Sleeping with crystals

Place crystals under mattress, under bed, in hand, under pillow, on nightstand etc. You can put a crystal inside a pillowcase and put another pillowcase over in the opposite direction to keep crystals secure inside the pillow case. It's also a good idea to place smaller stones in organza bags so they don't go flying about while sleeping. Be sure to heck bedding before doing laundry. Caution: be careful about too much crystal energy, especially while sleeping. We are very open to these energies and it could interfere with your sleep. More information at

Crystals in your environment

Place crystals on windowsills, table tops, near microwaves, tvs, and other devices that emit electromagnetism, glove compartment in car, at work, place in vases or bowls, dreamcatchers, put in picture frames, make art work and display, put in organza bags and hand on command hooks throughout your space, and so on.

Carry or wear crystals

Wear crystal jewelry, put in hair (hair clips, head bands), attach to scarves, hats, belt buckles, bead shoe laces, sandals, key chains, carry in pockets or in bra. Remove all crystals before laundering.

Gem water, oils, vibrational sprays, smoothies

A gem water is water that is infused with the energy of crystals for about 2-4 hours. Utilized within 1-2 days of making. No preservative needed if utilized within 1-2 days.Unless you are 100% sure that your crystal is safe, do not place it directly in the water for consumption. When in doubt, go without!!! I recommend the indirect method in which you do not place the crystal in the water. Use the gem water to brew teas, make smoothies, use in cooking, in essential oil diffuser, to water plants, in projects that require water, in bath or basin, make vibrational sprays, and so on. NOTE: Many crystals are too soft, brittle, and potentially toxic, so please fully research before putting ANYTHING in water for consumption. Gem water/sprays playlist:

Crystal body layouts

Place crystals on and around the body during meditation. Flat stones are best for placing on the body or you can use a bandaid or medical tape to secure them to the body. Grab your free layout e-Book!

Check out the video:

Meditation and crystals

Meditation is key. It's so important to meditate with your crystals and develop a bond (relationship) with your crystal. You can place them on your body, around your body or simply hold in your receiving hand. Meditation video: How to determine sensing hand:

Crystal grids

By combining the crystals into a cohesive group, you can heighten the potency of the energies and pack a powerful energetic punch! Crystal grids can be used for just about anything such as: abundance, prosperity, love, healing, protection, creativity, chakra work, and so on. You do not need a huge amount of crystals to make a grid...even just a few will work. Crystal grid playlist


These are basic tips to give you some ideas. Check out my Crystal Basics playlist on Youtube at:

More crystal goodness at


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