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Crystal Store and Crystal Showcases

A variety of crystals and minerals are available for adoption. All crystal friends are kept in a sacred spaced until they are adopted. The Crystal Showcases usually feature larger, natural pieces, cut/polished shapes, and specialty items. There's also pendulums, mojo bags, accessories, chakra products, eBooks and more.

Spiritual Guidance

I offer oracle card and energy readings to assist you on your spiritual journey. I don't consider myself a fortune teller or medium but more of an intuitive and empath. Keep in mind that the question you seek may not be what you have answered. It's best if are open to receiving any messages that come forth, without having any expectations.

Crystal Coaching Services

Not sure what to do with all of the crystals you have? Or perhaps you need some help in determining what crystals would work best for you or others? Or maybe you want to learn more about crystals and crystal healing, and just have a lot of questions! I offer one-to-one, personalized guidance and support. I use my Kimtuition to provide the most individualized coaching possible!

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