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*Sage and other herbs are believed to cleanse unwanted energies.

*I have very limited sage and smudging products in stock right now.


*Shipping is within US and Canada. An invoice for shipping cost will be sent to your email for separate payment. Learn more here.

*Updated 12/13/2021

Smudge The Grudge Boxed Set


Say no to the negative mojo! This kit includes: small bags of dried lavender, New Mexico Sage/Cedar mix, 8 Dragon's Blood incense cones, medium bag of White Sage leaves, feather, shell, Black Tourmaline, affirmation and property cards.

2 kits available (not exact as pictured - allow for some variation in the shape of Black Tourmaline and feather


all kits were adopted

$16 + shipping



California White Sage Smudge Stick (7-8 inches)


Price: $8 each + shipping


New Mexico Dessert Sage Smudge Stick (7-8 inches)


currently sold out
Price: $6.95 each + shipping


Dried Lavender from Kim's Garden

Dried Lavender with stems in a small, 3 x 4 inch organza bag (no flowers)


Currently unavailable - I had little lavender this summer/fall
$1.95 + shipping



Unscented Incense Sticks

Pack of 100 (11 inch sticks)
Burn without scent or make your own scented incense

Price: $5 for the pack of 100 + shipping




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