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Therapeutic Recreation Month - February

The National Therapeutic Recreation Society established National Therapeutic Recreation Week in 1984. This special week has been celebrated during the second week of July annually since then. ATRA has recently resumed responsibility and has deemed the month of February as Therapeutic Recreation Month so be sure to check out the ATRA website for promotional items.

The following are some great ideas to help you celebrate! If you have any ideas that you would like to share please contact Kim Grandal.

Download a TR Month flyer

Gifts for Recreation Therapists and Professionals
*Visit the Recreation Therapy Store for great t-shirts, mugs and gifts

*Other ideas: Buy inexpensive fragrant candles, candies, flowers, lotions, soaps, etc.

*Give certificates to all Therapeutic Recreation personnel

Articles and Videos

Article Gaining Professional Respect

Video: I am a Recreational Therapist

Video: What is Therapeutic Recreation

Video: Recreational Therapists Job Description

Video: What is TR Anyway? (features songs related to TR/RT)

Video: Impact of Therapeutic Recreation (this is AWESOME)

Get Inspired

*Download Magical Spellbinding Quotes compiled by Danny Pettry-it’s free!

*Download Anne Stewart’s Tips for Helping-this is free too!

*Simple Truths has great inspirational books for you or your staff. Gather the Therapeutic Recreation Department each day to watch these movies

*Inspirational stories/poems

*Get out the popcorn and watch some great movies about quality of life.

*Range of Motion starring Rebecca DeMornay

*Patch Adams starring Robin Williams

Show the Re-Creative Resources Inc. videos:

Join a professional organization

*Amercian Therapeutic Recreation Association (ATRA)

*National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA)

Get Certified

*Check out the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification

Educate, Educate, Educate

*Create storyboard tri-folds. Paste on pictures, news clips, articles, and poems, such as

*Purpose and Benefits of Therapeutic Activities

*Host Therapeutic Recreation Fair

*Hold a panel discussion. Have several Therapeutic Recreation staff on the panel to answer questions and discuss the benefits of therapeutic recreation. Invite staff, family, clients/patients/residents, etc.

*Fun Activity training games     

    *More Than Just Bingo, AKA  Leisure Bingo

    *Tic Tac Techniques

    *Recreation Jeopardy and more!

Available at


Brain Storm: Theme-Related Trivia, Word Games, and Discussion Materials (Volume One: Recreation and Leisure), is an E-book that includes 80 pages of trivia, discussion questions, quotes, fun facts, word games, word puzzles, and creative thinking activities, based on the theme recreation and leisure. The activities in this book can be adapted for individuals with a variety of cognitive abilities and are designed for older adults and seniors.

Promote, Promote, Promote

*Write a press release-Read: An ImPRESSIVE Press Release

*"What is Therapeutic Recreation?" article by Mandy Kuykendall, CTRS

*Announce in facility newsletter

*Let department heads and corporate headquarters know

*Mail letters to family members

*Put up flyers and posters

*Decorate a bulletin board

*Make photo albums and scrapbooks and put on display in common areas of the facility or agency

*Ask residents/patients/clients what they like about the Therapeutic Recreation program and post their comments in the newsletter or on a bulletin board

*Get a proclamation. Contact your state officials and ask that a proclamation be issued.

* Make sure your state Therapeutic Recreation Association is listed on important local websites

*Display your digital photos in a digital photo frame in a prominent location like the front desk in the lobby. A picture is worth a thousand words!

*Create a mini-movie using photos and/or a video of patients/clients/residents engaging in therapeutic recreational activities. Have your videos and/or movies on display in various locations or at scheduled events/in-services.

*Post your movie on You-Tube to heighten awareness of our profession! Be sure to get photo consents!

Promote Teamwork

Develop a theme for the Therapeutic Recreation Department and have T-shirts made from a local printing company. Have the Therapeutic Recreation staff wear their shirts all week or on a designated day. This really promotes unity and the staff  love it. Some themes I’ve used in the past include:

*Therapeutic Recreation : More Than Just Bingo

*Therapeutic Recreation: The Other Best Medicine

*Therapeutic Recreation: Re-Creating, Mind, Body and Spirit

Be creative. Better yet, turn it into a contest. Ask residents, staff, etc. to develop a theme and the winner receives a free t-shirt! You can also buy themed shirts from the gifts section mentioned above.

Other Fun Stuff

*Host a breakfast, luncheon, or dinner for the Therapeutic Recreation Department

*Bring TR staff out for a meal

*Have a surprise party

*Have a Guess Who Baby Picture Contest

*Have a Who’s Who in the TR department Contest




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