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Check out some great crystal questions and answers. You can watch the video below or scroll down to see the text. If you have any crystal questions, you are welcome to post your questions in my closed crystal Facebook group or, for very personalized assistance, please sign up for a crystal coaching session. If you have questions regarding a crystal order or service I provide, please use the contact form and I'd be happy to asist you.



1. Do you have an easy peasy how to start making your own grids video?

I sure do! Check out these videos to get you started. Also check out the crystal grid page.



2. What kind of stones help for bipolar disorder?

Please read the disclaimer regarding crystal healing but Lithium Quartz or Lepidolite are said to help balance mood.


3. Is there any difference if the crystal is in cluster, tumbled, pendant, bracelet with regards to its energy? Thanks.

The type of energy is the same in my opinion but I do feel that natural has a stronger energy. I have a video about this with a demonstration you will find very interesting.


Also check out my crystal shapes series and the crystal formations page.


4. What is your opinion on cleansing your crystals from a candle or sage?

There are so many methods in which people like to cleanse their crystals. There's really no right or wrong, only preference. I know that sound affects crystals. I have a demo on that, so I personally prefer sound to reset my crystals and I use sage to cleanse negative debris. But it really is a personal choice. Check out the cleansing crystals page or these videos below.



5. What crystal do you recommend for an energy boost? I am so tired lately.

My fav combo for energy is Carnelian and Citrine. It's like the energizer bunny.


6. Could you give me a little info about Black Kyanite. I was wearing a piece and as much as I liked to have it on, it seemed like I was a little more sensitive. I don't know if I was TOO grounded but I felt a little off after a few days.

Black Kyanite is grounding but it also works on clearing all blockages that may be in the auric field or any chakras. It also can help with cutting cords and working on past life stuffs. So you might have felt "off" because it was doing some work. Take it slowly.



7. What are the specific/correct steps after buying a new crystal to make it your own?

The two most important things are 1) retune/cleanse and 2) establish a heart-centered connection. Learn more on my crystals 101 page.


8. Can Citrine and Spirit Quartz be cleansed in water?

Neither Spirit Quartz nor Citrine have Fe (iron) and both are 7 on MOHs hardness scale (anything under 5 you might want to be cautious), so yes, both can go in water.

9. When cleansing in a salt bath, what are some good crystals to add into my bath water while relaxing/meditating?

Depends on what you are looking to do, but likely Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, or Blue Lace Agate. They would all be calming and relaxing in the bath!


10. Which are best to draw love and help with focus? Thank you for this.

LOVE: Rose Quartz for sure but others are Rhodonite, Unakite, Rhodocrosite, Green Aventurine, Emerald, Pink Tourmaline, to name a few. As for focus, my go to is Fluorite! Check out my love/heart-centered page and the crystals for focus page.


11. What's the best way to use your crystal or stones energy? I've got lots of different ones, but I'm new to the crystals and stones, so how would I use them for best results? Thank you.

There are many ways. Wear them, sleep with, make grids, make gem waters, meditate, make mojo bags, have out in your space, body layouts (crystals on and around the body) and simply carry them with you. For more information check out the crystals 101 page.

12. Is there a crystal I could wear that helps with healing (I have severe back issues) and money?

Please read the disclaimer. Root chakra stones are good for lower back issues such as Bloodstone, Hematite, Garnet Red Jasper and you can pair those up for something like a Green Aventurine. If you are having money issues and back pain then I am sensing root chakra issues for you so those are good stones to start with. Garnet, is great for the back and the money! Visit the root chakra page and the abundance/manifestation page.


13. What's the best crystal to relieve anxiety especially panic attacks and migraines and how do I use them?

Please read the disclaimer. For anxiety I recommend Lepidolite, Lithium Quartz, or Rose Quartz. Amethyst is great on migraines and headaches, and for stress relief. Grounding stones such as Black Tourmaline and Smokey Quartz also work great for headache relief! How to use the ones I recommended for anxiety? Honestly my best advice and what seriously works for me, in my bra. Check out the peace and serenity page.


14. How can I find stones? Where to purchase them?

Look online for metaphysical, spiritual, lapidary, or wiccan shops in your area. Also research gem and mineral shows in your area. I also have an online store and ship to US and Canada. Visit my store here. 


15. What is the best crystal to use to open communication between myself and my angels/spirit guide ? And tips for how to use it properly.

The video below should help. Also check out the spiritual communication page and throat chakra page.


16. Are there crystals to help fertility?

They say that Rose Quartz and Unakite, especially egg shaped ones. Also Moonstone. But again I have to say, please read the disclaimer.


17. What is the best crystal to have in your home?

Salt lamps and selenite lamps are great to have out in your space. I have 5 salt lamps and 2 selenite lamps! Black Tourmaline near computers, microwave, cell phones, wifi, etc. I also put gemstones in vases. I love how it looks and feels! Check out the sacred space page.


18. Someone told me in order to use Aventurine Rose Quartz and Carnelian to really work I need to use Sodalite.

That doesn't resonate with me. Why would a crystal, an energetic life force, need to be activated by another crystal? Each crystal has its own energy. It has a repeating molecular pattern that is perfect in every way. It doesn't need another crystal to activate it.


19. Is it true that crystals that end in "ite" cannot be used as an elixir and not for ingestion? Does that include "ite" tumbled crystals?

I'm hesitant to say yes or no to such a blanket statement. I've never went through the list to check if that is correct. With over 4500 minerals I'd say that is pretty much a tall order. I recommend using the indirect method to avoid any issues. It's much safer that way.


20. I like to hold my Labradorite in my hand while sleeping. Is there a correct hand to hold it in?

Whatever feels right to you. If it works for you then that is what you do. Check out the holding crystals page.


21. How often should I actually be cleansing my crystals? I usually go by how strong or weak they feel, but wondering if there is more of a standard to get the most from them?

There is no standard for cleansing. Basic guidelines I use for myself: when I drop them or they break, after a lot of negativity or trauma, after a lot of use or just when I feel like I should. Check out the cleansing crystals page.


22. When I put my crystals out in the full moon they are on my porch. Is that ok? The moon isn't actually on them because I live in an apartment and I don't want them stolen. But their outside if that makes sense.

They don't have to be put in the direct light. Another tip though is to put them on your windowsill in between the glass and the screen. This way they get fresh air and all that good stuff, but are still protected by your screen. Check out the crystals for astrological events, sun, and moon page.


23. What are some crystals that are helpful for an Empath?

Black Tourmaline for empaths not only because it is grounding but because it transmutes negative energy into positive energy. It has a positive and negative aspect like a battery so the bad energy goes in and comes out positive.


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